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454とSOLIDのfastqで高いロスレス圧縮を行う LFQC




cent OSに導入した。


  • Unix system with at least 4gb of RAM (preferably 8)
  • Ruby


本体 Github

GitHub - mariusmni/lfqc: LFQC: Fastq Compression Algorithm

git clone 
cd lfqc/lfqc/




$ lpaq8 

lpaq8 file compressor (C) 2007, Matt Mahoney

Licensed under GPL,



$ zpaq 

zpaq v7.02 journaling archiver, compiled Jan 14 2018

zpaq archiver for incremental backups with rollback capability.


Usage: zpaq {add|extract|list|test} archive[.zpaq] files... -options...

Files... may be directory trees. Default is the whole archive.

Archive may be "" to test compression or comparison.

* and ? in archive match numbers or digits in a multi-part archive.

Part 0 is the index. If present, no other parts are needed to add or list.

Commands (a,x,l,t) and options may be abbreviated if not ambiguous.

  -all [N]        Extract/list versions in N [4] digit directories.

  -key [password] AES-256 encrypted archive [prompt without echo].

  -noattributes   Ignore/don't save file attributes or permissions.

  -not files...   Exclude. * and ? match any string or char.

  -only files...  Include only matches (default: *).

  -summary        Be brief.

  -test           Do not write to disk.

  -threads N      Use N threads (default: 40).

  -to out...      Rename files... to out... or all to out/all.

  -until N        Roll back archive to N'th update or -N from end.

  -until 2018-01-14 04:36:49  Set date, roll back (UT, default time: 235959).

add options. archive can be "" to test compression with no output:

  -force          Add files even if the date is unchanged.

  -nodelete       Do not mark unmatched files as deleted.

  -method L       Compress level L (0..5 = faster..better, default 1).

          LB      Use 2^B MB blocks (0..11, default 04, 14, 26..56).

          i       Index (file metadata only).

  -fragment N     Set average dedupe fragment size = 2^N KiB (default: 6).

extract options:

  -force          Overwrite existing files (default: skip).

list (compare files) options:

  -force          Compare file contents instead of dates (slower).

  -not =[+-#?^]   Exclude by comparison result.

  -summary [N]    Show N largest files/dirs only (default: 20).





ruby lfqc.rb file.fastq 



またはfastqの 型を明示して圧縮。

ruby lfqc.rb -ls454 file.fastq 
ruby lfqc.rb -solid file.fastq
ruby lfqc.rb -solexa file.fastq



ruby lfqcd.rb file.fastq.lfqc output.fastq 




 LFQC: a lossless compression algorithm for FASTQ files

Marius Nicolae, Sudipta Pathak, and Sanguthevar Rajasekaran*

Bioinformatics. 2015 Oct 15; 31(20): 3276–3281.