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トランスポゾン検出ツール6 Tangram

2021 8/20 追記


 Tangramはトランスポゾンの検出に特化した構造変化検出ツール。SV検出で用いられるread-pairとsplit-readのアルゴリズムを使い高感度にトランスポゾンを検出する。1000ゲノムでもmobile element検出ツールとして用いられた。トランスポゾン検出ツールは様々報告されているが、Tangramはsplit read情報とread pair情報を両方使い、1塩基の精度でトランスポゾン挿入位置を検出することが可能である。





  • g++ 4.2.0 and above
  • zlib
  • pthread lib



git clone git:// 
cd Tangram/src/
make -j


$ ./tangram_scan 

Usage: tangram_scan [options] -in <input_file_list> -dir <output_dir>


Mandatory arguments: -in   FILE   the list of input bam files

                     -dir  STRING the path to the output dir (must be empty or non-existing)


Options:             -cf   FLOAT  threashold for normal read pair in the fragment length distribution[0.01 total for both side]

                     -tr   FLOAT  trim rate for the fragment length distribution[0.02 total for both side]

                     -mq   INT    minimum mapping quality for a normal read pair

                     -mf   INT    minimum number of nomral fragments in a library[10000]

                     -help        print this help message


$ ./tangram_bam 


Usage: tangram_bam [options] -i <in_bam> -r <ref_fa> -o <out_bam>



Mandatory arguments:

                     -i --input FILE   The input of bam file [stdin].

                     -r --ref FILE     The input of special reference file.

                     -o --output FILE  The output of bam file [stdout].



                     -h --help                    Print this help message.

                     -t --target-ref-name STRING  Chromosome region.

                     -m --required-match INT      The number of required matches.

                                                  between reads and special references [50].



       1. tangram_bam will add ZA tags that are required for the following detection.


$ ./tangram_merge 

Usage: tangram_merge -dir <input_dir>


Mandatory arguments: -dir  STRING the path to the dir contains all the fragment length distribution files

                     -help        print this help message


$ ./ 


    Usage: ./tangram_filter [options] --vcf <input_vcf> --msk <mask_input_list>


    Mandatory Arguments:          --vcf  FILE   input vcf file for filtering

                                  --msk  FILE   input list of mask files with window size information


    Options:                      --type STRING SV event type for filtering, choosing from "DEL", "DUP", "INV" and "MEI" (case insensitive) [MEI]

                                  --rpf  INT    Minimum number of supporting fragments (reads) for read-pair events. For MEI events, this threshold

                                                must be satisfied for reads from both 5' and 3' [2]

                                  --srf  INT    Minimum number of supporting fragments (reads) for split-read events [2]

                                  --out  FILE   Output of filtered and sorted VCF file [stdout]

                                  --help        Show this help message



        1. This script require the installation of "bedtools" package and Unix

           sort in the default directory.


        2. Each entry of the list of mask files is a tab delimited file 

           with following format:




           "TYPE" (string) is the type of this mask file. For a referenced MEI 

           mask file, it must match the first two characters of the family name 

           in the VCF file (For example AL: ALU, L1: L1, SV: SVA and HE: HERV).

           This mask file will only be applied to the corresponding type of MEI

           events. For example, AL mask file will only be applied to ALU insertions. 

           The rest of the mask files, such as segmental duplication

           mask and simple repeat mask, their "TYPE" string can be anything and

           it will be applied to all the entries in the VCF file. No space is allowed

           in the type name.


           "WINDOW_SIZE" (integer) is the window size around each entry of

           the mask file.


           "FILE_NAME" (string) is the path to the corresponding mask file


           All the mask files must be in the BED format. For detailed information

           about this format, please check










MOSAIKでアライメントしたza tag付きのbamが必要。なければ、bamにZA -tagを付加する作業を最初に行う。fastaのindexがなければ、ここで自動作成される。

step1 ZA tagの付加

tangram_bam -i input.bam -r ref.fa -o ZA-tagged.bam



step2 bamのスキャン

tangram_scan -in ZA-tagged.bam -dir output


step3 index

tangram_index -ref -sp output/input.bam -out output/


step4 トランスポゾンの検出



step5 フィルタリング




Tangram: a comprehensive toolbox for mobile element insertion detection

Jiantao Wu, Wan-Ping Lee, Alistair Ward, Jerilyn A Walker, Miriam K Konkel, Mark A Batzer and Gabor T Marth

BMC Genomics 2014 15:795