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reCOGnizerは、RPS-BLASTとCDDのデータベースをリファレンスとして、ドメインベースのアノテーションを行う。現在実装されている参照データベースはCDD, NCBIfam, Pfam, TIGRFAM, Protein Clusters, SMART, COG and KOGとなっている。reCOGnizerは、RPS-BLASTがマルチスレッドで実行できるように、これらのデータベースを分割して構築し、アノテーションの速度を大幅に向上させる。reCOGnizerは、タンパク質にドメインを割り当てた後、CDDのIDを各DBのIDに変換し、CDDで利用可能なドメインの説明を取得する。さらに、当該DBに応じた情報を取得する。NCBIfam, Pfam, TIGRFAM, Protein Clustersのアノテーションは、分類とEC番号で補完される。SMARTアノテーションは、SMARTディスクリプションで補完される。COGおよびKOGアノテーションは、COGカテゴリおよびEC番号、KEGG Orthologs(COGの場合)で補完されている。




mamba create -n recognizer -y
conda activate recognizer
mamba install -c conda-forge -c bioconda recognizer -y

> -v

$ -h

usage: [-h] [-f FILE] [-t THREADS] [--evalue EVALUE] [--pident PIDENT] [-o OUTPUT] [-dr] [-rd RESOURCES_DIRECTORY] [-dbs DATABASES] [-db DATABASE]

                     [--custom-database] [-mts MAX_TARGET_SEQS] [--keep-spaces] [--no-output-sequences] [--no-blast-info] [--quiet] [-sd] [--keep-intermediates] [-v]

                     [--tax-file TAX_FILE] [--protein-id-col PROTEIN_ID_COL] [--tax-col TAX_COL] [--species-taxids]


reCOGnizer - a tool for domain based annotation with the CDD database



  -h, --help            show this help message and exit

  -f FILE, --file FILE  Fasta file with protein sequences for annotation

  -t THREADS, --threads THREADS

                        Number of threads for reCOGnizer to use [max available - 2]

  --evalue EVALUE       Maximum e-value to report annotations for [1e-2]

  --pident PIDENT       [DEPRECATED] Minimum pident to report annotations for [0]

  -o OUTPUT, --output OUTPUT

                        Output directory [reCOGnizer_results]

  -dr, --download-resources

                        If resources for reCOGnizer are not available at "resources_directory" [false]


                        Output directory for storing databases and other resources [~/recognizer_resources]

  -dbs DATABASES, --databases DATABASES

                        Databases to include in functional annotation (comma-separated) [all available]

  -db DATABASE, --database DATABASE

                        Basename of database for annotation. If multiple databases, use comma separated list (db1,db2,db3)

  --custom-database     If database was NOT produced by reCOGnizer

  -mts MAX_TARGET_SEQS, --max-target-seqs MAX_TARGET_SEQS

                        Number of maximum identifications for each protein [1]

  --keep-spaces         BLAST ignores sequences IDs after the first space. This option changes all spaces to underscores to keep the full IDs.


                        Protein sequences from the FASTA input will be stored in their own column.

  --no-blast-info       Information from the alignment will be stored in their own columns.

  --quiet               Don't output download information, used mainly for CI.

  -sd, --skip-downloaded

                        Skip download of resources detected as already downloaded.

  --keep-intermediates  Keep intermediate annotation files generated in reCOGnizer's workflow, i.e., ASN, RPSBPROC and BLAST reports and split FASTA inputs.

  -v, --version         show program's version number and exit


Taxonomy Arguments:

  --tax-file TAX_FILE   File with taxonomic identification of proteins inputted (TSV). Must have one line per query, query name on first column, taxid on second.

  --protein-id-col PROTEIN_ID_COL

                        Name of column with protein headers as in supplied FASTA file [qseqid]

  --tax-col TAX_COL     Name of column with tax IDs of proteins [Taxonomic identifier (SPECIES)]

  --species-taxids      If tax col contains Tax IDs of species (required for running COG taxonomic)


Input file must be specified.





タンパク質のfastaファイルと出力ディレクトリを指定する。初回はデータベースが"-rd"で指定したディレクトリにダウンロードされる。 -f input_file.fasta -o recognizer_output -rd resources_directory
  • -f    Fasta file with protein sequences for annotation
  • -t    Number of threads for reCOGnizer to use [max available - 2]
  • --evalue    Maximum e-value to report annotations for [1e-2]
  • --pident   [DEPRECATED] Minimum pident to report annotations for [0]
  • -o   Output directory [reCOGnizer_results]



主に 2 つの出力が出力ディレクトリに生成される。

  1. reCOGnizer_results.tsv、各タンパク質のアノテーションを含むテーブル。
  2. cog_quantificationとそれぞれのKrona表現:入力ファイル中のタンパク質の機能ランドスケープを記述したもの。



UPIMAPI, reCOGnizer and KEGGCharter: Bioinformatics tools for functional annotation and visualization of (meta)-omics datasets
João C Sequeira, Miguel Rocha, M Madalena Alves, Andreia F Salvador

Comput Struct Biotechnol J. 2022 Apr 9;20:1798-1810