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詳細なリードカウント情報を出力する bam-readcount

2021/111/8 インストール方法追記


シングルエンドのデータをターゲットとしている。 ペアエンドは独立してカウントされる。



mac os 10.13でテストした。


mac osにはcmakeは入ってません。brew install cmakeで入れるのが手っ取り早いです。

本体 Github

git clone
cd bam-readcount/
mkdir build
cd build
cmake ..
cd bin/

conda create -n bamreadcount python=3.7 -y
conda activate bamreadcount
conda install -c bioconda bam-readcount

> bam-readcount

$ bam-readcount 

Usage: bam-readcount [OPTIONS] <bam_file> [region]

Generate metrics for bam_file at single nucleotide positions.

Example: bam-readcount -f ref.fa some.bam


Available options:

  -h [ --help ]                         produce this message

  -v [ --version ]                      output the version number

  -q [ --min-mapping-quality ] arg (=0) minimum mapping quality of reads used 

                                        for counting.

  -b [ --min-base-quality ] arg (=0)    minimum base quality at a position to 

                                        use the read for counting.

  -d [ --max-count ] arg (=10000000)    max depth to avoid excessive memory 


  -l [ --site-list ] arg                file containing a list of regions to 

                                        report readcounts within.

  -f [ --reference-fasta ] arg          reference sequence in the fasta format.

  -D [ --print-individual-mapq ] arg    report the mapping qualities as a comma

                                        separated list.

  -p [ --per-library ]                  report results by library.

  -w [ --max-warnings ] arg             maximum number of warnings of each type

                                        to emit. -1 gives an unlimited number.

  -i [ --insertion-centric ]            generate indel centric readcounts. 

                                        Reads containing insertions will not be

                                        included in per-base counts






bam-readcount -f ref.fa -b 1 input.bam  > output



bam-readcount -f ref.fa -w 0 -l inout.bed input.bam > output


head -n 1 output

chr1 100 A 10 =:0:0.00:0.00:0.00:0:0:0.00:0.00:0.00:0:0.00:0.00:0.00 A:10:60.00:37.10:60.00:6:4:0.60:0.00:0.00:6:0.41:287.90:0.49 C:0:0.00:0.00:0.00:0:0:0.00:0.00:0.00:0:0.00:0.00:0.00 G:0:0.00:0.00:0.00:0:0:0.00:0.00:0.00:0:0.00:0.00:0.00 T:0:0.00:0.00:0.00:0:0:0.00:0.00:0.00:0:0.00:0.00:0.00 N:0:0.00:0.00:0.00:0:0:0.00:0.00:0.00:0:0.00:0.00:0.00

ch1のポジション100、リファレンスはA、デプスは10、 残りの部分は



  • base → the base that all reads following in this field contain at the reported position i.e. C
  • count → the number of reads containing the base
  • avg_mapping_quality → the mean mapping quality of reads containing the base
  • avg_basequality → the mean base quality for these reads
  • avg_se_mapping_quality → mean single ended mapping quality
  • num_plus_strand → number of reads on the plus/forward strand
  • num_minus_strand → number of reads on the minus/reverse strand
  • avg_pos_as_fraction → average position on the read as a fraction (calculated with respect to the length after clipping). This value is normalized to the center of the read (bases occurring strictly at the center of the read have a value of 1, those occurring strictly at the ends should approach a value of 0)
  • avg_num_mismatches_as_fraction → average number of mismatches on these reads per base
  • avg_sum_mismatch_qualities → average sum of the base qualities of mismatches in the reads
  • num_q2_containing_reads → number of reads with q2 runs at the 3’ end
  • avg_distance_to_q2_start_in_q2_reads → average distance of position (as fraction of unclipped read length) to the start of the q2 run
  • avg_clipped_length → average clipped read length of reads
  • avg_distance_to_effective_3p_end → average distance to the 3’ prime end of the read (as fraction of unclipped read length)






GitHub - genome/bam-readcount: count DNA sequence reads in BAM files